ମାନବ ଶକ୍ତି

Publisher: Satya Priya Jayasingh

Wholesale Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Mr.Styapriya Jayasingh carries rich and vast experience of more than 12 years in the Professional Industry. Growing up, Mr. Satya Priya Jayasingh had no doubts in his mind as to what he would eventually become. In fact, as soon as he completed his engineering, he joined software industry and worked with many companies like Infosys, HCLT, Nasdaq OMX etc. and traveled many countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, England, USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Middle East etc. He had a detailed research of the media and information technology worldwide. He gathered all his experience and implemented the same into Media world. His onsite exposure adds an international flavor to his taste of news world. Today, he leads his team with the same feel for flamboyance and the same eye for detail as his father. He travels to different corners of the world to procure the best that the world has to offer, to ensure that every project holds its own against the best in the world. Consequently, the world-class quality provided by the group sets benchmarks and is an aspiration for others in the news world.

Editor: Hara Prasad Paricha Pattanaik

Hara Prasad Paricha Pattanaik has been appointed as the Edior. Mr. Hara Prasad Paricha Pattanaik has been associated with media for many years.  He was invited by the US Government on sponsored professional programme. He visited many states and countries and gained a lot of experience.

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