For individual freedom and well-being.

Cheap Jerseys china Sarbasadharana to promote democracy, free speech, reliable dissemination of information and the well-being of its reference groups. Sarbasadharana’s digital consumer and business services as well as marketplaces bring together buyers and sellers of products and services and enable a sense of communality.

Sarbasadharana is the most exciting provider of information, service and experiences. The company sets the stage for the future of media.

The mission provides the direction for the development of all products and services provided by the corporation.

The most exciting?

Sarbasadharana’s  services and corporate image are more attractive than those of other companies according to customers and employees, as well as other entities. We create content that is not offered by others and for which people are prepared to pay more. We provide the most fruitful solutions for advertisers. Sarbasadharana employees create true added value through their work.

Sarbasadharana provides its employees with the most interesting work environment, tasks and opportunities for development as well as the best tools for communication as it continues to become more digitised. Sarbasadharana’s employees work responsibly in their tasks, which strengthens the good reputation of the Group.

A producer of information, service and experiences?

The task of Sarbasadharana employees is to continuously find new ways to refine and package information to suit all kinds of customer needs to bring information to life. Consumers and companies feel that information refined by Sarbasadharana, along with the phenomenon of using this information, is interesting, beneficial and experiential. The same content, visuals, customer service encounter or use of an online service can provide beneficial information for some and an experiential moment within the daily routine for others.

Setting the stage for the future of media?

Sarbasadharana distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing its customers with information, perspectives and practical ideas that stand out from the crowd. Services are renewed together with the customers according to their needs in a way that is daring, quick and practical. Sarbasadharana’s service concepts and design are those which the customers have rated as the best. Sarbasadharana closely monitors and reacts to consumer behaviour and changes in consumer needs.

The operations of Sarbasadharana are being further expanded outside of publications. Sarbasadharana acts perseveringly and responsibly in the changing world of media.

The role of forerunner inspires Sarbasadharana employees in their work. Everyone who works at the company can be a forerunner by doing their work in a new way, trying out new methods and sharing their knowledge. Being a forerunner in journalism includes bringing new journalistic methods or types of stories to Odisha, for example.


Sarbasadharana is growing the proportion of revenue gained from digital consumer and business services. The company is refining its newspapers into multimedia brands and bringing new digital services to the market, also outside the area of publication.


Growth creates the prerequisites for the development of business operations. A growing company has the possibility to provide its employees with meaningful and interesting tasks and competitive compensation.

“Digital consumer and business services”

The day-to-day routines and consumption of media are shifting to digital channels at an ever-increasing rate. For this reason, Sarbasadharana places a strong emphasis on growing and developing digital services. This growth is being accelerated through corporate acquisitions.

“Refining newspapers into multimedia brands”

Even as Sarbasadharana invests strongly in digital services, the company also holds the development of publication in high esteem. News continues to be the foundation for publication. Newspapers are brands valued by people in their areas of reach and communities, and with their support Sarbasadharana can boldly bring new media channels and services to the market.

“Outside of publications”

Consumer-oriented online commerce is one example of a service that falls outside of the realm of publications. Sarbasadharana is claiming its own place in the developing world of e-commerce.

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